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Today’s mobile gaming blurs the lines between mobile and traditional console

By Michael Bergen, Senior Partner Alliance Manager, MHL, LLC.


The convergence of mobile phones and game consoles is accelerating at a remarkable pace. Even though the next generation of consoles will be coming out in the next few months, the experience of mobile gaming is already rich and engaging. When you consider some of the new high-end mobile games such as Infinity Blade III, Real Racing™, N.O.V.A., Asphalt 8, FIFA™ 14, and Madden NFL Football, the lines between mobile gaming and traditional console gaming are blurring. In addition, when you look at some of the newer mobile phones, such as the Acer Liquid S2 that supports 4K UltraHD video, the level of technology in mobile devices is beginning to rival, and in some instances, exceed that of traditional gaming hardware.

In fact, market research firm NativeX recently released new data showing that within the last year, the average mobile gamer’s engagement time has more than doubled.  The amount of avid mobile gamers (those that play more than 10 minutes per session) has also doubled.  In Q1 of 2013, gamers spent on average two minutes and 37 seconds playing per session versus one minute and 27 seconds in Q3 of 2012 – a 102% increase.  NativeX also discloses that the number of power users has increased by 146% from 3.7% to 9%.  This clearly shows that users have moved toward deeper engagement in the mobile gaming space. 

With more and more powerful smartphones on the market today, gamers are already equipped with a console that never leaves their hands.  Pair your mobile device with better, richer games and you’re ready to game anytime, anywhere.  Now, this leaves gamers with a choice: spend hundreds of dollars on a traditional game console, or simply add a few small and inexpensive components to the Android smartphone that they already have, such as an MHL cable or MHL adapter and a game controller.  With this simple set up, a whole new, immersive gaming experience that rivals the current generation of consoles awaits!

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