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Guest Blog: FilmOn.TV Global Television, on Television

Check out this blog from FilmOn. FilmOn offers subscription packages covering more than 500 TV channels including sports, news and entertainment from across the globe. Speaking of sports, the MHL team will be inside the gifting lounge of the ESPYs on Tuesday, July 16, in L.A. Get a behind-the-scenes preview of these sporting super stars before the big event, and let us know who gets your vote in each category and why, by following us on Twitter @MeetMHL and #mhlscores.

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Karin Vogel

Director of Consumer Marketing, MHL, LLC

Guest Blog: FilmOn.TV Global Television, on Television

By Kim Hurwitz, SVP, Programming, FilmOn.TV Inc.


MHL, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways that you fill my Android heart! I can now get more than 500 channels from the FilmOn app on my phone simply by plugging into my MHL®-enabled TV set. Instead of having to buy, yet another, OTT set-top-box to get access to the world of FilmOn.TV on my large-screen, I can now plug-and-play and charge up my phone whilst doing so. Even more, I can use my TV's remote control to stop, pause, play and rewind my favorite FilmOn content on thine smartphone.

What, pray tell, is FilmOn? It's the world's largest IPTV platform offering more than 500 channels of linear and on demand TV channels. From Horror to News to Movies to Comedy to Kids to International to Sports, and a dozen other genres in between, FilmOn is a digital platform featuring content curated from around the world and available on all devices. Smartphones - check. Tablets - check. Computer - check. Television set - check…especially with MHL-enabled TV sets! Talk about device-agnostic.

Here's the quick recipe so you too can enjoy this: MHL + FilmOn = Bliss

1.    Take your Android smartphone (it's probably already in your hand) and go here to download the FREE FilmOn app.

2.    Charge your phone by connecting it to any MHL-enabled TV set.

3.    Watch FilmOn TV on your television!

4.    Stir and repeat. Again and again.


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