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There’s No Place Like PAX

By Michael Bergen, Senior Partner Alliance Manager, MHL, LLC

 August 27, 2013



As Summer comes to a close and we're preparing for back to school, Labor Day weekend is ideally suited for a final celebration, and what better way to get your geek on than at PAX Prime in Seattle?  For those less geeky who might not know what I'm talking about, PAX Prime is a games conference that's open to everyone. Major games conferences in Europe (Gamescom) and Asia (China Joy) restrict areas to the public, and you have to be an industry insider to attend E3, the big North American game conference.  PAX fixes that - it's entirely open to the public, but you should remember to get your tickets and hotel room fast before they sell out. As you can see by this picture, PAX is one of the very few places where game enthusiasts and consumers can get their hands on the newest games, game accessories, and gaming hardware, some of which are still in pre-release. So, if you have a passion for gaming, you really should head over to Seattle for Labor Day weekend!

As we did at PAX East in Boston back in March, MHL® will once again be participating inside the PowerA booth to show you that your Android smartphone is a game console, especially when paired with a wireless game controller like the MOGA or MOGA Pro.  At PAX East, PowerA based their booth around the edge-of-your-seat zombie fighting game Dead Trigger, by Madfinger Games. Zombies, like the one pictured below, were going around PAX East infecting the living by slapping bracelets on their wrists. If you were bitten, the only way to get disinfected was to stop by the PowerA booth quarantine, where you not only got to play Dead Trigger, but eligible people were also given a Moga Pocket game controller, and some even won an MHL Streamer XL Dock by iBolt. You'll have to come by the PowerA booth at PAX Prime to see what exciting activities are in store.